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Country Garden Hot Spring Hotel profile

2019/2/16 20:56:31
The hotel is located in Guangdong District of Huiyang city of Huizhou province Meiyuan Shatian town kumquat reserve near the hotel, convenient transportation, a large coastal line line, Hui, also has light rail and subway to the hotel. Quiet in the hotel, each room is equipped with a spa pool, there are 117 outdoor hot springs pool, Guangdong province has the largest pool of natural spa hotel. At the same time, the hotel is adjacent to the world garden and other scenic spots, convenient for visitors to go out to play. In addition, the hotel is also equipped with a banquet hall, a gym, a small SPA center, children's playground and other facilities, is your best choice to go away on holiday.

Nanyuan Hotel Ningbo traffic info

Business zone:Tianyi Square
Address:Zhejiang · Ningbo · haishuqu - No.2 Lingqiao Road Haishu District Ningbo 315000 China | 1.70km from Metro Station:chenghuangmiao