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Landison Longjing Resort Hangzhou profile

2019/2/16 20:56:18
Landison Longjing Resort Hangzhou, quiet and elegant, adjacent to the west lake and scenic spots, such as the lingyin temple, coasts, bamboo-lined path at manjuelong village, xixi wetland, the tiger, liuhe tower, nine streams, etc.At the same time can visit longjing mountain park on foot, longjing tea museum eight sights, etc.Landison Longjing Resort Hangzhou with 51 does not have the Asian style chic rooms, can satisfy the different needs of guests and hobby。,Landison Longjing Resort Hangzhou southeast Asia Cha recreational style restaurant, good at making creative hangzhou for cuisine and chaozhou cuisine, from southeast Asian food and western food.Full glass around the design style of type water, sitting among them can be surrounded by beautiful scenery panoramic view, pin Ming cigar smoking, in the face of pool water out of the window, enjoy the tranquility of the indoor and outdoor.Landison Longjing Resort Hangzhou also provides a variety of options for meeting guests: 3 / f, 160 square metres of meeting and multi-functional banquet hall, can accommodate small directors meeting room and VIP audience chamber.All meeting rooms are covered wireless network, meeting the required facilities from soup to nuts.

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Nanyuan Hotel Ningbo traffic info

Business zone:Tianyi Square
Address:Zhejiang · Ningbo · haishuqu - No.2 Lingqiao Road Haishu District Ningbo 315000 China | 1.70km from Metro Station:chenghuangmiao