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Hangzhou Goethe Hotel profile

2019/2/16 20:56:05
Hangzhou Hotel Goethe is located in the superior geographical location of West Lake Avenue and the founding of the South Road, adjacent to West Lake, the railway station, location, convenient transportation. Hotel with a classical composition principles and elements and modern techniques of extraction and expression, extensive use of quite modern French meters of white marble and pure European bronze art, has gorgeous and noble classical atmosphere revealed a modern sense, the hotel roof of the helicopter apron more for guests to provide super deluxe trip, Golden Sunshine Hall: located on the 3rd floor, area of 800 square meters square, accommodate 300-400 people; Department of Goethe: area of 410 square meters, is located in the 6th floor can accommodate 120 people; another famous official hall, name source hall, Lan Department for business people choice. Golden Hall: located on the third floor of the hotel, 24 meters high, the entire glass dome, to provide you with the Chinese and western buffet and rotating stage piano playing; Rhine Hall: located on the third floor of the hotel is an excellent choice for Hangzhou experience. Hangzhou Hotel Goethe is the ideal choice for modern business procedure and leisure travel.
Hotel opened in September 2007, the building is 37 storeys, the total number of rooms 196 (sets).

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Nanyuan Hotel Ningbo traffic info

Business zone:Tianyi Square
Address:Zhejiang · Ningbo · haishuqu - No.2 Lingqiao Road Haishu District Ningbo 315000 China | 1.70km from Metro Station:chenghuangmiao