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Twin Moon Bay Xianghai Hot Spring Holiday Hotel profile

2019/2/16 20:56:01
Enjoy the sea hot spring resort hotel, is a development and management of the song the source group one Asian charm of five-star international resort hotel;
Bimonthly bay coastal resort hotel is located in north latitude 22 °, close to 600 - year history of the ancient city of the sea, the longemont coastal east mountain 6.5 km coastline, 1023 holiday rooms, every family, one line seascape, face the vastness of the Pacific Ocean, more than 50000 square meters customs seashore garden panoramic view;
Every one time of meticulous carefully crafted, is the result of infinite yearning for vacation life;
Enjoy hot spring hotel with "the real concern, guests first" service philosophy, the pursuit of excellence quality connotation, with respect for humanity and environment, ecological design concept, make in harmony "seaside tourism", "ecological culture", "entertainment" for one body with Asian culture characteristics of ecotype resort hotel investment model, provides the high quality for the guest from all over the world leisure enjoyment;

Nanyuan Hotel Ningbo traffic info

Business zone:Tianyi Square
Address:Zhejiang · Ningbo · haishuqu - No.2 Lingqiao Road Haishu District Ningbo 315000 China | 1.70km from Metro Station:chenghuangmiao