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King Century Hotel Zhongshan profile

2019/2/16 20:55:51
King Century Hotel Zhongshan is a 28-story hotel, covering 98,000 square meters. King Century Hotel Zhongshan offers 400 deluxe rooms, and the restaurant serves Chinese, western, Japanese and Korean cuisines. King Century Hotel is international conference center can hold up to 500 persons. The recreation facilities include karaoke rooms, fintess center and so on.

King Century Hotel Zhongshan is located in a great man Sun Zhongshan's hometown, the National Excellent Tourism City -- Zhongshan City, stands on the noted for City Mall operation mode in the Century Square.
King Century Hotel Zhongshan is 28 storeys, construction area of 98000 square meters, has more than 400 different styles of luxury rooms. Another 4000 seats in the west, day, Han, restaurant; International Conference Center can accommodate 500 people; more than 6000 square meters of Cara OK nightclub, recreation, transportation facilities Goods are available in all varieties.,King Century Hotel is a set of business, meeting, leisure, entertainment, Food shopping as one of the modern hotel.

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Nanyuan Hotel Ningbo traffic info

Business zone:Tianyi Square
Address:Zhejiang · Ningbo · haishuqu - No.2 Lingqiao Road Haishu District Ningbo 315000 China | 1.70km from Metro Station:chenghuangmiao